I have conceived this work from reflections about Tao Te Ching (The Book of The Way and Virtue, by Lao Tse) and researches about spontaneous plants and Integrate Health, in order to propose a closer vision to the mechanisms of the balance the Nature.

The work covers:

27 printed photos with water based paint, in paper of fiber of bamboo and cotton, being 25 pieces measuring of 60 x 47cm, 01 piece measuring 60 x 38cm and 01 piece measuring 60 x 33cm;

A documentary made from 11 interviews with professional in the areas of integral health, natural agriculture, psychoanalysis, the fine arts , eco-education, holistic therapies, permaculture and Taoism, reporting their experiences in Nature and proposing harmonious ways to Live...;

One Text

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" When life is lived with an excess of information, food and worries, of intelectual effects, racional and sensorial, all our human resource is outworn rapidly...When "we broaden our steps" we are reducing our distance of life".

(Wu Jyh Cherng)