Ricardo Giovanni Venerito

Artistic name: Rico

Born in Sao Paulo on 06 of August of 1974.
Rico soon learnt with his father, Michele Venerito, the arts of the cabinet-making, participated in several courses and workshops and for many years dedicate himself to the construction of musical instruments.

Concluded in 1992 a course of photography with the photographer Tina Leme and subsequently a course of technical advisor with the photographer Cris D'ávila.

Plastic artist self-taught , was perfected in the painting with the plastic artist Olga Ribeiro dos Santos and also concluded the course called “ drawing with the right side of the brain ” of Betty Edwards, with the architect Roberto Rondino in 1995.

Musician, pupil of the sitarist Krishna Chakravarty of the University of Benares (India), and of Alberto Marsicano (disciple of Ravi Shankar), Rico has been dedicated to the studies of the classic Indian music since 1994.

Concluded his degree in Business Administration at University of Sao Judas Tadeu in 1996.



Email: rvenerito@hotmail.com

Cell.: +55 11 9698.1555


1996 - Rico was awarded a prize by the school of art Pallas Atenas, by his painting “ Unusual Travel ” - pastel chalk on paper.
1998 - Rico carried out the musical presentation “ Hamsa Dwani “, in the Spring Festival in the space Manacá (The Velhão), in the mountain range Cantareira, Sao Paulo.
1995 to 2001 - carried out the exhibition “ Hear the sound of the winds ”, with photos of the Plated one of the Diamantine one - BA and texts of own one authorship on the Pilgrimage accompanied by installations multimedia and the musical participation of the sitarist Alberto Marsicano, in Library of the Federal University of Sao Carlos - UFSCar, in the Theatre Florestan Fernandes - Sao Carlos, in the University Sao Judas Tadeu - USJT, and at home ,To gather of Soups and Delicacies in the city of Sao Paulo. 2006 - Rico participated of many charity work promoted by the ONG's: ASSU and NORTHERN AL in the city of Sao Paulo.
2007 to 2009 – was an executive director of the AARCA, ONG that acts in the Eastern Zone of the city of Sao Paulo, promoting the development in sustainable place for the art.
2008 - Rico carried out the musical presentation “ Jynjote “, in the Theatre Lantern, in the Federal University of Sao Paulo - followed by a conversation about the sitar and the classic Indian music.
2008 - Science carried out the musical presentation “ Raga of the sunset – Purya Gunkali ” in the amphitheatre of the Station in Joao Pessoa – PB, together with the musicians Paul Ró, Fernando Pintassilgo, Alice Lumi and Soraia Bandeira.
2008 - Rico carried out a musical presentation in the festival “ Music of the World ”, in the beach of Tambaú, Joao Pessoa – PB, with the vehicle AGUAÚNA, of free improvisation.
2008 -Rico participated of the carving of the belt of the music “ The World ” of the homonymic CD of the singer from Pernambuco Soraia Bandeira.2009 - there carried out musical presentation in the Station White End (Station Science) in Joao Pessoa – PB with the vehicle AGUAÚNA, of free improvisation.
2009 - Rico participated of the carving of the belt of the music “ Ostinato Azul “ of the CD of the composer and multi-instrumentalist from Paraíba Alice Lumi (Tarancón).

2009 -Rico participated of the carving of the belt of the music “ Ladaíndia “ of the CD “ All the Flutes ”, of the musician from Paraíba Fernando Pintasilgo (Quinteto Armorial).